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Global Bio Pharma Conference Group in partnering with Florida International University presents First Global Stem Cell Workshop series in India.

On Current developments in stem cell commercialization: “A global perspective on International Regulatory and Industry Interface”

A workshop Series in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore & Pune during August 24 -27, 2010

The First Global Stem Cell Workshop Speakers are World renowned experts representing Stem Cell Industries from USA, and US-FDA and Indian authorities.

Stem cell research holds great promise for improving human health by control of degenerative diseases and restoration of damage to organs by various injuries.
Research on stem cells/ lines and their applications have considerable commercial value.

Stem cell therapy has been described as the next revolution in medicine. Therapeutic stem cell applications have been proposed to address a wide range of health care needs.

Is India prepared to take advantage of stem cell commercialization globally?
Are Indian stem cell centers prepared to bring highest quality standards to comply with US-FDA
   and EMEA regulations?
What are the safety concerns in long term? How do we overcome these challenges?
Are there any disruptive/breakthrough stem cell technologies out there?

To track the current developments in Stem Cell commercialization, Global BioPharma Conference Group, USA, a non-profit organization, in partnership with Florida International University, USA is organizing a series of first Global Stem Cell Workshops in four cities in India in August 2010.

The workshops will focus on current challenges and opportunities in the Stem cell application, therapy, commercialization and regulations.

The area of stem cell research being new and associated with rapid scientific developments and complicated ethical, social and legal issues requires extra care and expertise in scientific and ethical evaluation of research proposals and therapeutic applications.

The stem cell applications open new business paradigm for entrepreneurs, investors, VCs, Private Equity funds, funding Institutions, hospitals and biotechnology companies and big pharmaceuticals.

The one day workshop series will focus on global regulatory and industry interface besides tracking developments in therapeutic applications, strategic and regulatory guidelines and requirements.

GBPCG is proud to bring to India some of the most distinguished personalities in regulatory authorities such as USFDA, stem cell industry experts and principal investigators for this workshop series.

Who should attend?

Given the broad application potential of stem-cell-based technology, the workshops will be of interest to the life science industry, in particular, to individuals in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device markets.

It will be of interest to manufacturers of reagents and tools that support the research and development of stem-cell-based products and services.

Also, Equipment Vendors, cGMP Facility builders, Principle Investigators - Conducting Clinical Trials in Stem Cells, Regenerative Medicine, Gene Therapy, Personalized Medicine will benefit from the workshop.

Professionals involved in stem cell research, development, and commercialization as well as doctors and hospitals involved in stem cell therapy will find the workshop useful and interactive.

Venture capitalist, insurance companies, funding institutions keen on potential opportunities in stem-cell-based investment will find great opportunities for their future ventures.

Reasons to Attend the workshop:-

1. This is the first of its kind event in India on Stem Cell R & D, and Commercialization.
2. The workshop will bring together industry experts and officials from high level regulatory
3. It will provide an opportunity for Indian industry to interact with experts on regulatory issues
    during the interactive panel discussion.
4. Networking opportunities amongst industry professionals.
5. It will enhance business development, East-West synergies, partnership, JVs, collaborations,
    technology transfer.


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